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Now is the time of year when everything starts to shoot up – weeds too!

Today we mowed borders around the beds and cleared weeds from the currants and rhubarb. Things look surprisingly well, given it’s been some time since they had some TLC.

We are discussing putting in more perennial food plants that once established should be really low maintenance, such as a forest garden. We could visit a nearby great community forest garden in Birchfields Park  by way of research – their next work session will be Sunday 17th of June from 12pm-3pm, and they are the best time to meet the people who planted and maintain the beds, and talk about their lessons-learned.


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Lots of yummy little carrots, some quite sizeable beetroots – and even the slow-to-get-started parsnips have done well. There are tomatoes and lots of herbs, also ready now. Why not pick up everything needed for a tasty winter soup on your way past?

Still to come later in the year, will be jerusalem artichokes – very nice fried as a side, or in soup.

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After filling a car fuller than I ever thought possible, we planted out the main batch of Burford Walk plants.

We planted out a bed of tomatoes (with some strawberries underneath!), a mint bed, a herb bed, globe artichokes, sweet peas, marigolds, a pear tree, a climbing rose (by special request of one of the neighbours), and sunflowers, among others!

Also in the pictures, you can see the thriving strawberry bed, a radish circle, and the carrots beetroots and parsnips peeking through. Not pictured (but coming soon!), is the jerusalem artichoke bed, the raspberries and currants, and the wild garlic patch.

So plenty to work with, this Sunday 18th Sept at 2pm, for anyone able to make it down – hope to see you there!


Here are some pictures of the raised beds we made, and plan to fill on the planting day – now scheduled for Sunday the 3rd of April. Sadly the smaller ones have been taken by persons unknown..

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On a cold and frosty December Sunday, Eat Your Streets and local residents got busy at Burford Walk.

We cut wood, made raised beds and filled them with leaves to mulch down over the winter.

We were invited into a lovely warm home nearby for delicious homemade soup (thanks Matt!) and cake.

Thank you to everyone who came out to help on such a cold day and it was lovely to chat with people who stopped by as we were working.

We’ll let you know when we’ll be getting started with the planting….roll on spring x

Way back in hot and sunny May, Eat Your Streets and residents at Woodlawn Court planted a whole load of fruit bushes…..

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Eat Your Streets set up a stall at Celebrate Festival in Whalley Range – Monday May 3rd.

19 more lovely people signed up to the Eat Your Streets group.

Lets get planting!

We have been given 200 assorted bare rooted fruit bushes!

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Eat Your Streets Walkabout

Some of us met up at the Hilary Step on a lovely sunny evening in late April. We set off with maps, pens, paper and bags of enthusiasm in search of places to plant edibles in Whalley Range.

We found lots of  possible sites.

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